In Good Taste represents choice, healthy food
and convenience

The best seasoning to any food is the love you put in it

In Good Taste is owned and run by Raksha Bhoola, a self-confessed perfectionist with a taste for all things fresh and exotic.  This foodie first embraced her love for cooking at the age of nine at bountiful family gatherings.  Her imagination was sparked by radio cooking shows on the then Radio Lotus which coaxed her out of her shell and into the kitchen.  Given her Indian upbringing which made food a focal point of the home, and an undeniably charismatic personality, it wasn’t long before she began taking over the kitchen.   Raksha didn’t just wow family and friends with her talent, she went on to win several cooking competitions in her early teens.

A stickler for detail, Raksha studied and practiced law for many years and later ran global marketing events in the corporate world, but she could not deny her true calling.  An undying love for creating beautiful things, whether it be cooking or crafts, could not be denied as she tried to balance both worlds.  But…fate it seemed had other ideas.  Raksha’s dream became a reality where fate and the full support of her life and business partner Rakesh Bhoola, pushed her towards her passions in life:  to be more empowered, to create a better work life balance, to excel in that which she loves so much and to bring convenience and the warmth of her kitchen into many homes.  She has also featured on cooking shows such as East ‘n Style and at events as a culinary expert.

“It is about food, fun, family time…food is an integral part of our lives whether we are celebrating, mourning or even for no special occasion. We create with our mind and hands and we all want something special in our lives so I put a little of myself into my food, whether it is parties to conjuring up something spectacular in the kitchen,” 

Raksha has a natural affinity for food with a natural instinct for having fun with vibrant flavours and letting her imagination run wild. A lot of what Raksha knows doesn’t come from any formal training.  It is rather a knack for flavours, and using a creative mind. "Anything is possible. I often give my own interpretation of ideas, they end up being masterpieces!"

Run from home in a safe, hygienic environment, extreme care is taken in food preparation and quality ingredients used. Raksha is extremely fussy about the food she makes and provides no less to her clients. Through her wide food knowledge she can make even the most novice cook feel like a MasterChef!

The In Good Taste brand represents choice, healthy ideas and quality; giving you great food and convenience.  What is key to remember is that In Good Taste has a variety to offer and the food on our menu will always be fresh and passionately cooked and presented.  It is all heart and goodness on a plate.

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